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In response to the pressing global environmental crisis, it is paramount that our food production system can adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

The project

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Tomorrow’s agriculture shall maximize yields from smaller areas while minimizing adverse effects on soils, water, and the atmosphere. At Dissident, we're pioneering a disruptive, clean technology that creates plant nutrients out of electricity. Our mission is to empower farmers with targeted, on-demand fertilizers tailored for their most challenging needs.


Audrey Boulianne

Sr Agronomist

With a stellar reputation in large-scale greenhouse operations, Audrey is optimizing the bio-response of our technology and leads the successful introduction of our solution to the market.

Gaspard Bastien


Founder of Dissident, gaspard leads a multidisciplinary research & development team and takes on the financial planning responsibilities for this technology development project.


Mitacs Gouvernement du Québec HerbiaEra Entrepreneuriat ULaval CRIBIQ BDC

Projet réalisé en partie grâce aux services-conseils et au financement du Programme d’aide à la recherche industrielle du Conseil national de recherches du Canada (PARI CNRC); grâce au soutien financier de la Vision entrepreneuriale Québec 2026 de la Ville de Québec; grâce au soutien du Consortium de Recherche et d’Innovation en Bioprocédés Industriels au Québec (CRiBiQ) ainsi que du financement du Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et de l'Énergie (MEIE).

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