Regulatory Compliance

Getting the world ready for your products.

Global Market Access

Tracing the route to international compliance, we help you establish:

  • All applicable standards,
  • Cost-optimized test plans,
  • Engineering rationales,
  • Declarations of Conformity,
  • Type approvals.
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Electromagnetic Compliance

Radio interference identification & dedicated solutions.


At Dissident, we help you go big on compliance and meet every standard through proper design and integration.

Whether you are looking for additional margin or experiencing failures, we have a solution for you.

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Signal Integrity

Design mastery, from schematics to fabrication.

PCB Stackup

Potentially the most significant design choice you will make. Start with a solid foundation and let us optimize your board for:

  • Transmission line impedances,
  • Power delivery networks,
  • Manufacturing costs and
  • EMC margins.

High-Speed Simulations

Probing high-speed interfaces is highly impractical due to frequency, line encoding and de-emphasis masks.

Thus, pre- and post-layout simulations are required to validate that your design will meet all critical requirements.

Simulate twice, fabricate once.

Mechanical Integration

Enclosures are key components. They are bound by aesthetics, yet they fulfil critical engineering duties.

We can help you optimize for:

  • Environmental protection,
  • Galvanic corrosion,
  • Cable management,
  • Shielding and ESD.

On-Site Action

Keeping your production line up and running.

Responsive Services

Working in situ is not a job for the faint-hearted. It requires dedicated professionals willing to push their investigation in unknown environments and foster creative solutions.

At Dissident, we'll work with you in those uneasy moments and put out the necessary efforts to resolve your EMC and signal integrity issues.

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